Adam Wade Duncan 
Spinto/Helden Tenor - Voice Teacher - Choral Conductor

Singing with Body, Mind, and Soul

Singing, the joint expression of body, mind and spirit, is an amazing coordination between artist and patron.  Each brings to every performance their lives, and each goes away with a gift of life from the other.  Every human being that participates by singing or listening is part of the creation, and this creation, each time is a gift to the other.

I am an
artist that believes that music can bring people together and create healing
and life for the world.  I am available for opera, oratorio, symphony and recital performances, and voice, clinic and masterclass work. 

Adam Wade Duncan will be conducting next in the concert DREAM with the Boise Women's Chorus, Sept 25 and 26 at 8:00 p.m.  for tickets.
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